The Save Kosci walkers have reached the Southern Highlands - well-deserved rest days today and tomorrow.

The Walk

We are walking from Sydney to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko to help save Kosciuszko National Park from damage by wild horses and other feral animals. The walk will happen between 3rd November and 9th December 2018. You can do all the walk, some of it, or help in other ways. Register now as a walker or a supporter.

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The debate

Find out more about what we hope to achieve. Read the arguments for and against the presence of wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park. Which side of the fence are you on?


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Register as a walker or supporter

We need walkers, drivers, writers, desk-based researchers and other helpers, from now till December 2018. And although this is a low-budget kind of protest, we need some financial support as well. You can choose the kind of help you'd like to provide, when you register.

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Wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park threaten the survival of this native marsupial, the Broad-toothed rat
Wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park threaten the survival of this native animal, the broad-toothed mouse. Image by permission of Ken Green.

Our aims

(1) Repeal of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act (NSW, 2018)

(2) Protect the habitat of the corroboree frog, broad-toothed mouse and other native animals and plants in the Kosciuszko National Park through a substantial reduction in the number of wild horses and other feral animals in the Park

(3) As a first step towards reducing the number of wild horses, implement the Kosciuszko National Park Draft Wild Horse Management Plan 2016, with appropriate resourcing, noting that the Plan includes lethal culling, by ground-based teams, following RSPCA guidelines.

We will run a campaign that is evidenced-based, courteous to people with opposing views, and provides enjoyable involvement.

Register for the walk

It's time to stop talking and start walking! Register now as a walker or non-walking supporter.