Songs to sing while walking to Kosciuszko - and on top!

Singing it's along way to Kosciuszko

Its a long way to Kosciuszko.

To the tune of It’s a long way to Tipperary

It's a long way to Kosciuszko

It's a long way to go

It's a long way to Kosciuszko

To the sweetest place I know

Goodbye, Sydney Harbour

Farewell, Railway Square

It's a long, long way to Kosciuszko

But my heart is there.


There’s a wild place, called Jagungal

There’s a wild place I know

There’s a wild place, called Jagungal

Where the alpine daisies grow

Keep it free of horses

Keep it wild and free

There’s a wild, wild place that’s called Jagungal

Please save it, for me

Road verge walking, smiles

Walkers' song

To the tune of Funiculi, Funicula



We’re heading south to Kosciuszko

It’s quite a way

It’s quite a way


You might

Be wond’ring why we’d go the distance

Five sixty k

Five sixty k


We love

The national park in all its beauty

But things aren’t right

But things aren’t right


We feel

As Aussies all it is our duty

To set things right

To set things right


Brumbies may seem charming, yes we know

But they’re harming Kosci high and low

They need to go, they need to go, they need to go, they need to go

The horses that are harming Kosciuszko need to go.

Campsite nr Nth Ramshead

There's a creek that we seek

To the tune of Road to Gundagai


There’s a creek that we seek

Near Australia’s highest peak

Where the mountain breezes blow

When our walk is complete

We will rest our weary feet

Where the Snowy starts to flow


New South Wales politicians

Through your fair state we’ve roamed

If you don’t like our mission

It’s time you were re-homed


Save the flowers, save the bogs, save the black and yellow frogs

They simply want a chance to grow