Read the personal stories of people concerned about the effect of wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park.

XC ski tips in forest near Spencers Ck, KNP

Karen Watson writes from her twenty years experience in alpine research. During some of her research she was a common sight on cross-country skis in the Guthega area, electronically tracking feral cats under the snow pack. She has also worked with Mountain Pygmy Possums and written an unusual poem. Read her story.

Ken Green

Dr Ken Green, a retired National Parks and Wildlife Service principal research scientist, has an intimate acquaintance with the creatures who live in the forest and meadows above Dead Horse Gap. Over forty years, he's noticed some changes. Read his story.

Four Mile Hut

Paul Jennings, a member of the Nordic Ski Club, writes of the changes that increasing horse numbers have brought to the area around Four Mile Hut. The Nordic Ski Club maintains the hut, and its work parties now include the new task of shovelling manure. Read Paul's story.

Trout fishing gear

Ian Dunn, a long time member of Friends of Currango, reflects on his memories of the property's owners and his experiences of trout fishing in clear streams and 'secret holes' in the Currango area. Read Ian's story

Paul Hardey 1970s
Paul Hardey 1970s

Paul Hardey has ridden horses since he was a boy. As a Kosciuszko National Park ranger he monitored brumby running in the 1970s. Read his views on brumby running, and the effectiveness of re-homing and lethal culling as methods to manage horse numbers today.

Campsite nr Nth Ramshead
Campsite nr Nth Ramshead

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