How to register

'Register now' will take you through four steps:

  1. Read and accept a statement of the aims of Save Kosci Inc. This ensures we are all on the same page - no misunderstandings!
  2. Select your preferred volunteering options, if any
  3. Enter your personal details. Your personal details will not be published.
  4. Pay the minimum $12 registration fee, which will cover our costs in processing your registration. Optionally increase the amount to $25 or more, to help with other costs such as signs & high vis vests for walkers. Sorry - donations are not tax deductible.

You need to be 18 years or over to register.

Why register?

For the period of the Sydney to Kosciuszko walk, you will be included in Save Kosci Incorporated's public liability insurance policy

You will be counted as a supporter. More supporters equals more credibility for this campaign.

What happens after you register?

You will receive emailed updates on the Save Kosci campaign.

If you ticked any of the 'ways to help' options, a Save Kosci organiser will contact you.

Prefer to just make a donation?

If you'd prefer not to provide active help or receive emails, you can simply make a donation.

Townsend, view to Jagungal by Tony Brown, KNP
Townsend, view to Jagungal by Tony Brown, KNP

Keep this view from Mt Townsend towards Jagungal serene and untrampled - Register now.