The route

The main protest walk will begin in Sydney and end at the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, taking about 35 days including rest days. It will mainly follow a mixture of main roads and quiet country roads, with participants walking on footpaths or road verges. There will also be some off-road walking on tracks through national parks and reserves. From Charlotte Pass it will follow the Kosciuszko Road, closed to unauthorised vehicles, to the summit. Walkers will average about 20 km per day. Walkers can walk the entire route or a part.

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When you have looked through the route timetable and selected your walking day(s), tell us your planned walking dates by email.

The dates

The start date is Saturday 3rd November. The end-date will be confirmed during the walk but should be between 7 and 9 December.

Who can walk?

You need a moderate level of fitness to join the main walk. For instance, regularly walking 6 to 7 hours a week, including some hills. Some sections of the walk would suit active families with kids aged around 10 and over. If you are uncertain, please describe your fitness in the 'Constraints' box on the registration form; we will try to suggest sections of the walk that would suit you.

It will be possible to just turn up and walk with us, but we strongly recommend that you register first. That way you will be included in Save Kosci's publicity liability insurance cover, and we can plan to have enough high vis vests.

Walker support

A stage co-ordinator will accompany walkers, to assist with navigation. Walkers will be provided with light-weight hi-vis vests. At least one support car will accompany the walkers, carrying each walker's overnight pack or bag. The route will aim to include public toilet points approximately every 1.5 hours. Walkers are responsible for their own safety.

Food and accommodation

Walkers are responsible for their own costs, including food and accommodation. Some non-walking supporters may provide occasional free meals, but this is not guaranteed. If the start or end of a walking stage is not close to a camping area or other accommodation, the support cars will ferry walkers to and from the nearest suitable place to spend the night.


The walk is intended to generate publicity. The walker's high vis vests will have the Save Kosci slogan printed on them. One of the support cars will tow a trailer covered in signs. The walkers will generally not carry signs, though in calm weather several walkers may choose to carry a fabric 'walking billboard' approximately 6 metres long by 1 metre high, for a short period.

Walkers are encouraged to chat to members of the public at road-side stops. Any difficult questions should be referred to the stage co-ordinator.

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Other routes

Small groups of bushwalkers are expected to converge on Mt Kosciuszko from Thredbo, Kiandra, Hannels Spur and other directions, aiming to arrive with the main group walking up the Kosciuszko Road.  Most of these groups will be organised by bushwalking clubs. Where these groups cross wilderness areas, they will need to adhere to the NPWS party limit of 8 people.

If your club is interested in leading such a club walk, please register at least one of your members with Save Kosci, and mention your club name in the 'Comments' part of the registration form.

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